Charter company “tricks” with your days at sea

You are thinking that 7 days on the water will be great. That is… Until you get there and go through all their hoops and provision.
Day 1:You board at 5:30pm with some of your provisions, but you don’t have them all
Day 2: You finish provisioning and have a short day of sailing
Day 3-5: You are out sailing and having fun
Day 6: You go to your destination port (often the one you left from)
Day 7: 10am or earlier, you get off

You will want to factor this in to your trip, or negotiate when you are setting up your contract some alternatives.

Sleep aboard the night before your rental
Being able to board in the morning
Late return
One way rental
Number of total days

I know I would want to do anything that kept me sailing and not locked into one port… It is quickly obvious that your charter is not based on 24 hour periods. The charter company does need turn around time and most charters are 7 days, so that is why it is what it is — you might just want to take control of that.

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