Day 11

Today was kind of a push day. We expected higher winds, but we only had 8 knots. That wouldn’t be enough to get us to Prickly bay on the South side of Grenada, so we motor sailed. We had a lunch stop at the two sisters islands. It was very pretty here. Most of us were hot, so we jumped in. There was a little bit of a go pro jumping contest off the boat which was fun. Lunch was light and we moved on. Eric caught a few fish, one of which that was bit in half by a shark while we reeled it in. The rest of the day was scenic, but overcast. At nearly Sunset, we arrived and docked at Prickly bay. The dock fee was 60us, and included the use of showers. Fyi -This dock is an anchor out with dock lines on the rear and is undergoing repair. they attempted to get us dock power, but it was not proper power and was causing electrical issues, so we went on generator. Our “away team” found us some snacks before the mini market closed at 6, and we cooked up pork chops.
The bar was having bingo that night, so there was an amazing amount of locals at the bar. We talked with a few of them and some of the fellow “yachtees”. We enjoyed the lighted Christmas tree in the harbour.

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