Day 10

Day 10 was a light sail over to Hillsborogh on Carriacou. It was fairly windy and Eric caught a fairly large barracuda and let it go. Our captain took nearly 1 hour to clear immigration, meanwhile we walked around and went to the Deli/bakery. We bought out most of the bakery items, and bought a pound of Italian ham. We talked to a very nice worker (owner?) from England. We were on a quest to find some red bull and found “the last 4 cans on the island” at the hardware store across the street. It’s a bit odd here as every store has liquor and some have food. The two grocery stores were across from each other. Both were fairly good sized. One kind of smelled like a litter box..? I would like to spend some more time on this island and in Grenada. The people seem so genuine and welcoming. Our captain moved our sailboat over to sandy island for lunch where a guy was kite surfing.. He was quite good and I took a bunch of pictures. Then I put on my snorkel gear and checked out the situation. I found a very odd/interesting/scary fish down on the bottom. I believe it is a member of the lion fish family. It was turning over shells on the bottom and looking inside for snacks. Other small fish were nearby looking for left overs. Today we decided to go for a fun sail — something that was lacking on our previous 6 days. We headed West NorthWest for about 90 minutes. We caught a few fish including a small tuna which became seviche later in the evening. We took another mooring ball, some people quickly headed to shore to capture A time lapse sunset, and others hung out. Only in the Tobago cays did we not have Internet, and many people checked in this evening while we were waiting for dinner to cook. Our propane stove had been failing us for some time. We changed tanks even though the old one was not empty. It did help, but we didn’t eat until 9:45.

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