General feel of the southern Caribbean

After sailing the BVI for a few times, you get used to the feel of things around there. We had an awesome taxi guy on Tortola who was helpful and upfront about costs, and we didn’t ever feel like we were being taken by anyone. We had one guy in the bvi from Trellis come over to Marina Cay to sell us wonderful bread…but From St Vincent and South (to union so far), it seems like everyone is fighting over who gets to take your money, and how much can they get out of you. Coming from a country where “the price is the price” (for the most part) its hard to adjust to negotiation for things. Make sure you find out how much something costs before proceeding.. Which is good advice for anywhere really.. I am not talking about food or gas, it appears to be services.. Some of which you don’t need or didn’t ask for. Extra guys show up to help you take your bags to the boat, some guy is helping you get a mooring, taxis, and the like. It’s similar to the guy who washes your windows at a freeway off ramp in the United States without asking.
But then we arrived in Grenada (and its islands) and there is an amazing difference. No longer is everyone asking you to buy something. It seems so much less like a tourist zone, and more like you are visiting ‘just another country’. It is very beautiful here and I am enjoying it immensely.

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