Day 9

Day 9 we left at 8 am and sailed the genniker to union to clear out of St Vincent and start the process for Grenada. Winds had been very light (4 knots) for the past few days which was good for snorkeling, but it’s really hot with no wind. Our stop in at Cliffton on Union was short. Sine we took a ball it was again 40ec for day use, and some people went on a salsa and soda run, and the captain walked to the airport to clear us.
Our afternoon was pretty easy, we anchored at Mopion and snorkeled. A couple of people went to the famous shelter, while three of us snorkeled around the North and East side of the island (not very close to the island though). Another nice wall, a huge amount of current pushing us along. I would guess 2 knots of current. We saw some nice fish and a hole with a few lobsters at 15 to 20 feet. We are getting good at diving deeper and holding our breath.
Since it was so calm, we decided to hang out on the North side of Petit St Vincent until sunset. We moved over to the anchorage and had a wonderful steak dinner.

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