Good morning day 7

We woke up to a beautiful morning with a light breeze. Our captain is having abdominal problems, so we need to head to union to switch out captains and do some customs things. Before we left, Eric and I snorkeled around another island and ran into some amazing things (pictures forthcoming). The others went snorkeling in the turtle area again. We motored over to Union and there was not much activity in the harbor other than the boat boy who wanted to collect an 80ec fee for the mooring. We got it down to 40ec because we were only staying for 2 hours. After ferrying most people to shore, Mike and I went over to get dinghy gas (30ec for a few gallons) and then Happy Island to check it out. We were greeted by someone wanting to tie up our dinghy for a tip… we let Him. He was fun to talk to. Most drinks were 20ec. I didn’t take a picture of the drink board, but there was a pretty good selection. I had a painkiller and Mike had a rum punch.. Somehow another round arrived at the table even though we didn’t order them. We did drink them, but the whole experience turned us off from further time and money spent on union. We did overtip the dinghy tie up guy after he pleaded for more. We switched captains and began to head back to Tobago when we ran into Willie (previous and current captain’s favorite boat boy). We wanted to do the lobster and conch BBQ dinner on the beach, but it was uncertain with the captain change if we would make it back in time. He agreed and we met him after sunset for a fabulous dinner. I think the price was 85ec a person for half of a grilled lobster, conch, plantain fritters, potatoes with garlic and something else yummy on it, saffron rice, and a fruit plate for desert. Byob. It was wonderful and very delicious, and I would highly recommend the BBQ with Willie and Beth (cook). You will find Willie by his boat (I will add a picture). He is the one with the flags.
After a short star watching session, we all went to sleep.

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