Day 6

Katie, Chris and I walked up up up and more up to the top of Mayreau to attempt to see the Sunrise… We were a little late, but still got some great shots of the sunrise and neighboring islands and anchorages. We checked out the Catholic Church and walked around town. We saw a lady walking a crab on strings like a puppet, We saw a lot of goats tied up, loose and mostly friendly dogs, and a few cats. It was interesting to see that many residents were awake and some working at 6:15.
We motored over to the Tobago cays and took a ball close to the turtle area. We were immediately mobbed by the boat boys, but they were all friendly and didn’t harass us further. The area is stunningly beautiful and I was the first person with my gear on and headed out to snorkel. Eric and I saw three large turtles, a large stingray, many thousands of fish in a school, a small school of pencil fish, box fish, and a star fish the size of a basketball not to mention lots of great coral. As the tide came in, two things happened. The visibility went way down anywhere near the beach, and the current was very strong. I worked pretty hard to go against it and then rode the current almost all the way back to the boat. Our captain was looking for Willie (one of the boat boys) to take him to the doctor because he has a gastro problem. He returned a few hours later after a visit to the doctor on palm island. We had a fabulous pork loin for dinner on the grill.

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