Day 4

The night in Admirality bay was pretty rolly with swells coming in sideways. Our highest wind gust overnight was just over 30 knots. I slept ok, but was hoping for a little less swell. A couple of tall ships arrived (2 and 3 mast) and a huge rainbow formed with one of them in the picture. The Internet wifi options from the boat were many, but few worked well without paying. We went into town and had some pastries at the bakery, got a few fishing lures, and did a little more provisioning. We had about 8 boat boys show up in the morning including a guy who took some pictures of our boat and wanted 50 us for the picture (declined). We motor sailed through the cut over to Mustique and sailed the rest of the way. We were racing to beat a squall line in the distance and arrived with about 45 minutes to spare. Craig did some go pro video of the boat functions (raise sail, raise anchor) and then some video from his dslr. I am hoping he caught the flying fish – which were easily twice the size of the flying fish we saw in bvi. We did some swimming and snorkeling and then crazy boat stunts into the water with the go-pro, but there wasn’t any fantastic snorkeling By the beach. we may try to go around the point to see how it is there. Only 8 other boats are in the bay so it should be a quiet night other than even bigger swells coming from the west making it hard to walk on board. The forecast is for decreasing wind and swells, so that might be great for snorkeling in the Tobago cays and a good nights sleep.
As the evening progressed, we made dinner and did a little fishing from the boat. Jamie caught maybe 5 small fish (8 inches long) using some leftover chicken scraps. We kept a couple for bait and sent the rest back.

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