Day 2

Provisioning and boarding day.
There is a long story that I will devote time to in the end, but it has to do with some last minute boat changes. Because of that, we were unable to see the boat before provisioning. You should know about how much fridge and storage space you have before you buy too much. With that said, we were to meet the captain at 15:00 to clear customs, and so we had a little extra time on St Vincent. We ate breakfast at the Rich View hotel which came with the room – cereal, juice, coffee, toast with tomato and lettuce and met up with our taxi diver to do a little sight seeing and provisioning.
At Our first stop in Kingstown, the group decided to divide. My wife, cousin and myself stayed in Kingstown to exchange money and check out the town. The others went to the botanical gardens and fort at the top of the hill. Kingstown isn’t too touristy especially when there isn’t a cruise ship in town. Lots of a activity there in port and the stores. My cousin and I went to the end of the cruise ship dock to take some pictures which is where too phrases emanated from. “The chicken hole” and “the dock cactus”. You add “everyone knows what a” is in front of that and you get our band of humor. I will include some pictures with this later so you can play along in our joke too.
We headed over to Greaves super market which was pretty nice. We were not on the actual food run, so we just checked it out. My wife bought a coconut from a street dealer for 2ec and he split off the top and gave her a straw. After drinking some coconut water she had him split it open and he even made spoons from the outside of the coconut.. Serious machete skills.. We ate some of the inside too.
We walked a ways and found a department store. Food, textiles, toys, bikes, electronics.. We went to the top floor and found one pool floatie to tie to the back of the boat. Then over to the market we bought local fruit and scotch bonnet peppers and regular bell peppers. Our cab driver called on my st Vincent cell number and we met the group for some ice cream. This was very delicious (picture here). I had raspberry and cheesecake, my wife had raspberry and pineapple. The pineapple was the best in my opinion. You self serve and then it gets weighed and you pay. Good idea! maybe all food should be sold this way.
Our group rejoined and a local said we should eat at VJs.. We headed over there and I had the fish and chips, others had beef and chicken wrapped in a tortilla and said it was quite good.
On to provisioning at the market by the airport. It was a bit chaotic, and so I went next door to the bakery. I bought out the cinnamon rolls, guava rolls and apple flips. You really should get there earlier than 14:00 if you expect anything to be left. Our next stop was to get one more fishing pole and we did that just across the road from the blue lagoon. A decent selection of rods, reels and line. We bought one for 185ec along with a gaff for 65ec and headed to meet our captain who just called my st Vincent cell number. We arrived and half of us went aboard with the provisions, and half stayed because our bags were still at Rich View hotel. Our captain had a cab waiting to take us to the airport to clear customs, and we already had a cab… That would later turn into a financial mess because the one taxi thought he was going to get the fare for all of us. Onward to get our bags and passports and back to the airport. Clearing customs for 11 people takes maybe 30 minutes. We got back to the dock and then some “help” magically arrived. We had to tell them no and they were miffed. We had a nice evening aboard the boat and were ready to sail the next morning.

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