Sea sickness

A lot of people have heard of Dramamine, but most people haven’t heard of scopolamine. If you read about the effectiveness of Dramamine, you will see that most people report that it just makes you drowsy and sleepy. If you want to experience everything a sailing trip has to offer, you would want to be active and seeing all that you can see and not below deck sleeping. Scopolamine comes in a patch that you put behind your ear and lasts for around 3 days. Four of eight people in our last trip used it and thought it was effective. I plan to use it on this upcoming trip and I will report back my experience.

A few things to note..

On my last trip, night one was a little rough for me as I was getting used to sleeping while rocking.

Eventually you get so used to the rocking that when you are on shore, you have the sense that you are rocking or should be rocking.

Going below deck while you are moving can be a recipe for disaster no matter if you have the patch or not – especially in your first couple of days. Everything is moving in three dimensions and if you look in a mirror.. That will really mess you up. I give myself an out loud count to 60 to get in and out. My cousin went below deck to go to the bathroom about 30 minutes after we set sail and he said he felt green the rest of the day…

You need to put the patch on 3 hours before you want it to be effective and you need to get it from your doctor.

Other potential anti-nausea solutions are pressure point wrist bands and also ginger.

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1 Response to Sea sickness

  1. DawnB says:

    Jim used the scopolamine patch the last time we were sailing, and it worked great. He used it only the first 3 days of the trip, after that he had his sea legs and didn’t seem to need it. He usually gets sick at the beginning of every trip – only once, and then he’s fine, unless he overdoes it with sun and lack of hydration and sleep – a lesson he learned very well! This time however, nada, so I would agree, scopolamine works!

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