Flushing and everything about that.

On our first trip to the BVI we were new to bareboat chartering and sailing in the ocean. We mainly day sailed on big lakes like Lake Michigan. Even though this is covered in your boat manual, I want to point this out since it takes being told something several times before it actually sinks in.

1) When you flush, it doesn’t go into a tank on the sailboat – it goes right out into the ocean for a lot of boats – especially bareboat charters.

2) Sailboat toilets aka “heads” are pretty finicky pieces of equipment. They malfunction a lot especially because people (and I’d venture to guess it’s Americans like me usually) put the toilet paper down the toilet. Never put anything that doesn’t come out of you down those things.

3) Be careful when you flush. It makes for a pretty gross experience if people are in the water nearby when you flush. We did not understand that our first trip out and I still have a visual that I care not to have when I was in the water.

4) if you are fortunate enough to have a ?small? holding tank, understand how to purge and only do so while you are underway.

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