Protecting Cameras and Other Gear.

I am an avid photog and so I have a bunch of camera gear I bring down to the Caribbean.  Multiple DSLRs, Lenses, flashes, filters, and other gear.  I found the best way to protect this stuff is to use a Pelican case.  Pelican cases are air tight, crush proof, water proof and float. I’ve used a Pelican 1200 for about 10 years now for just my DSLR and one small lens, and that is great for jumping in the dinghy and heading out to a deserted island for a little photoshoot.   This trip I have a much better lens, and so I bought a Pelican 1520 with foam. You can get them in a variety of colors..  Yellow, Orange, Desert, Grey and Black – to name a few.  

They make them in just about every size imaginable.  Be careful with the smallest cases because they don’t claim to be waterproof.

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