WePay – the easy way to prepay for the trip over time

If you are like me, coming up with $6000 for my wife and I to go on vacation doesn’t come that easy.  It’s best to plan around 2 years ahead and save money/tax returns/etc so you don’t end up putting the vacation on a credit card.  WePay is a fantastic option for doing this.  You can create a scheduled payment system which is very flexible and costs just 50 cents if you pay by bank (kind of like the paypal bank connection) instead of paying by credit card.

For a group, this is super handy as the cost of the trip might exceed 20k (and sometimes you want to see how serious people are about going).  We roll in the cost for food, moorings, trash, water, gas, and ice so there are no surprises.   At the end of the trip we pay out equally anything that is left.

The owner of the WePay account can either transfer the funds to their bank and pay however they want, or there is a Mastercard tied to the account which can be used to pay for things.  I think there is a 5k/per day max on the Mastercard, so be prepared for that if you are paying a lump sum on the boat.

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