A different kind of vacation

Before I get into all the planning details, I’d like to describe what you are in for and that will quickly help you decide if you are up for this kind of vacation.

This type of vacation usually occurs in warmer tropical climates, although I’m sure you could find them out of larger ports like Seattle, Boston and San Francisco.  It typically involves sleeping aboard a sailboat much like this one.  This is a Lagoon 440 (44 foot Catamaran)


there are three to five cabins in most of the catamarans..


The Salon/Inside common area


the salon/kitchen


Outside seating area:


I think the real fun of these trips is that everything you will do is an adventure and you can do it with your family and friends in an amazingly beautiful environment.  There is enough space for people to “get away” from the rest of the people if necessary — yet you’ll share an experience you’ll never forget.  Since you are mobile, you are able to see and experience much more than if you just stayed on one island.  You also get to snorkel and fish whenever you want!

Cost — some people think that a trip like this is well out of their price range.  You might be surprised.  With 10 people, a trip for 10 days (on the boat) including a captain, most food, mooring, trash and water/gas expenses is around $20,000 plus individual airfare.  Roughly $3000/person.  Reasonable for what you get and where you are.

Sound like fun?  Keep reading….

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